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trevertino romano

Extraction takes place directly in the Tivoli quarries of Rome.
The extractive, industrial and productive structures are of modern conception and are a result of important investments aimed at optimizing the entrepreneurial activity. 

The extraction of Travertine takes place in the Tivoli basin. Travertine was already known by the Romans and called lapis romanus, stone of Rome. However, the use of the term lapis tiburtinus, stone of Tivoli, prevailed from the Renaissance onward, all material was embarked from the extractive area known as Barco, a land reclaimed from the marshes created in the Middle Ages due to the absence of activities, using the nearby watercourse Anio or Teverone, today called Aniene, that flowed into the Tiber, the river of Rome. From the sixteenth century, land transportation took over.